Current Organizations

An organization predating the Colony War comprised of humans and Metas alike for the betterment of life on our planet. Recently CHIMERA has taken up the duty of connecting newly registered heroes and insurance companies. As well as keeping many high profile heroes in their employ. Their work has made life in Low and Mid sec safer by far. We thank the men and women that serve to protect Century Station. Feel free to visit them at Chimera tower in Mid Sec.


Mutant Underground


It is unknown if this group truly exists. Intel gathered says that it is possible, but no conclusive evidence has been presented. Commonly depicted in popular comics as a large group of Metas that have grouped together for a common cause.

The Romanov Foundation

A family owned foundation that commonly funds medical research and charity organizations. Sometimes known as the saviors of Mid Sec for their support of important medical organizations.


A group of highly specialized men and women that oversee the PMC’s in Century Station.


S.H.O.C.K. (Super Human Observation and Control Knights)

A human rights group. Some times called extremists. They have limited autonomy due to their role in saving the city during the Colony War.


Bike Gang Activity

While not an issue in Mid Sec Bike Gang activity has risen 45% in the last few years. The groups are wanted criminals and should be avoided or reported immediately.

Current Organizations

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