Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday August 9th-August 30th 2495

Culprit: Phase

Real Name: Albert Alman

Former Hero

Know powers: As hero, Intangibility, empathy manipulation,

As villain: Time manipulation, quasi-4th dimensional being, emotion control, mind control, Phase abilities.

Forty years before the events of Bloody Monday there was a hero known then as Phase. He along with 8 other heroes formed a hero group known as “The Watch”. Among this group was legendary heroes, Durandal, Iron Lotus and Bombard. This group was largely active for 10 years. Just after the ten year anniversary disaster struck Phase. His son, Jack Alman, joined SHOCK when he found that he had no abilities. Soon after, the unit Jack was assigned to received word that a meta was loose in a school in the area under their jurisdiction and was deployed to handle the situation as they were the only ones in range. The meta was reported armed and dangerous, shoot on sight. In the official field report it was said that Jack was placed as point man due to his impressive training scores, and thus was the first to the target. The official report also says that Jack completed the mission without assistance. It was found later that the meta in question was his sister. Jack denied comment when asked about the connection. Days later the body of his mother was found hung from a ceiling of the Alman residence.

Soon after the hero Phase was arrested for REDACTED and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The vehicle transporting him was never seen again after it left the service station. Over the next year Phase, now known as Albert Alman, systematically destroyed over 10 PMC’s. Finally he was stopped by “The Watch”. The details of this fight are unknown, however Phase was reported killed.

Monday – August 9th 2495

6:45 AM Strange individual sighted near Mid Sec entrance. PMC “Praying Mantis” platoon 1 dispatched.

7:30 AM “Praying Mantis” platoon reported killed. Apparent infighting. Hundreds caught in crossfire.

8:45 AM Individual sighted in Low Sector # 6. Entire PMC “Orca” was dispatched.

9:30 AM “Orca” now considered enemies of the state. Destroy on sight.

11:45 AM Sector 12 has gone silent. Dispatching alert to local Heroes. Chimera notified. Shock notified.

12:10 PM Chimera forces engaging unknown individual. Extra dimensional powers confirmed. Identity unknown. Immediate back up requested.

1:02 PM Death toll in the thousands. Moderate alert. Mid Sec locked down for safety.

1:10 PM Idenity confirmed. Villain known as “Phase”. High alert. Dispatching all officers and PMC’s. Emergency call city wide to heroes. Death toll at 21,493 level 1 citizens. 100 level 2 citizens.

4:27 PM Large group of people sighted walking through sector 15. Confirmed residents and combatants from PMC’s dispatched.

5:44 PM Low Sec power grid down for Sectors 1-42. Death toll increasing.

6:22 PM Local heroes death toll confirmed in the high thousands. Local media calling this “the worst disaster in Century Station history”.


Monday August 16th

6:45 AM Individual sighted again.

7:09 PM Individual sighted,lone apartment building. Abandoned. Former Hero group known as “The Watch” approaches subject. Local news crew video tape recovered from scene.

Fuzzy VHS quality video plays on screen

Rain falls on a bloody city street. It pours over bodies riddled with bullets, cuts, bites and any other wound imaginable. Broken cars and trash line the roads and abandoned apartments that make up the scene. Street and parking lights illuminate the figures standing aside each other. Durandal steps forward, “Phase…Why? Why now? Why again?” Sorrow and anger mix in his tone. His fist tightens around his sword. “You would make us shoulder the burden of killing a friend once more?”
A voice echoes from off screen, it sounds distant and not due to it’s proximity to the camera.
REDACTED, you have no idea how many times you have asked me that question…I have grown tired. So tired.” Pause. “As it turns out it doesn’t matter what I do…” The voice from off screen chokes slightly. “I…I don’t even know why I’m telling you this. It won’t matter. It never has. No matter how many times we do this.”
From next to Durandal, Iron Lotus steps forward, “Please Phase, explain to us-.”
words are mumbled from off scene
Iron Lotus’s mouth opens wide, “How did you?”
“They would have died today you know. I’ve seen it. Hundreds of times. I’ve had lives where I didn’t join you. Where she didn’t…Where he…” The voice tightens “But it doesn’t matter. It’s all fake. Time doesn’t stop trying to fix what you do to it. It can wait…oh by god it can wait…but I’ve grown tired. So I have returned to my time. So I can end it.”
Bombard pushes past Lotus, “Boy, I killed you once. I carry that with me, and I’ll be the one to do it again.” He raises his large rail cannon to point off screen.

“Yes…you did shoot me REDACTED, but you didn’t kill me. I ascended. I am no longer bound by physical laws as you know them. You said you carried the weight of my death with you…I wonder how you will carry the weight of the hundreds of thousands of souls.”

Video cut out

After this video was taken, hundreds of people suddenly went berserk murdering family, friends, coworkers, and passerby. Local heroes and villains by the thousands were unleashed on the city. The situation was finally brought to a close by “The Watch” fighting known hero “Apex” until he regained control of his mind. The destruction was in the billions. Approximately 20 million people died. 85% of which were metas. This terrible tragedy was called “Bloody Monday”.

Bloody Monday

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