Vera Morin


Name: Vera Morin
Age: 18
Height: 5’8
Weight: 157lbs

Father: Dorsey Morin (54)
Mother: Amelia Morin (52)
Sister: Holly (25)
Brother: Aiden (23)
Brother: Morgan (14)


Vera Morin is an 18 year old girl living with her three siblings and their parents. Vera’s parents spent most of their time working but try to spend their home hours with their children. Vera’s two older siblings have already moved out to a place of their own, so only Vera and Morgan live at home.

Vera was in the softball team until the start of high school. Her younger brother broke his leg during the summer, and so Vera didn’t participate in high school so she could take him home from school. Vera took up boxing as a substitute for an after school activity since that was what Morgan did. Her brother really loves superheroes, and is usually where Vera gets most of her information of them outside of the media when they report an act of heroism. Vera enjoyed boxing so she continued to learn it even after Morgan’s leg healed. Vera also picked up a part time job at restaurant as a waiter once she learned how to drive.

Vera is adaptable and patient, most of it coming from having to take care of her younger brother. She likes to pretend to be disinterested in superheroes because her younger brother talks about them too much, but she secretly admires them. Vera is friendly towards others unless she has reasons to dislike them. She crochets amigurumi dolls, and she also likes to collect plushies of chickens. While she is an average student in school, she works hard to try to get good grades. She owns two goldfish, not being able to have a pet dog or cat because her father is allergic.

Vera Morin

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