Morigan Esmall


Morigan is a short, quiet girl. She is constantly picked on by her classmates and talks to nobody in the school.


Morigan had a mostly normal life. She was born into a fairly wealthy family and her mother and father gave their all to raise her right. During her upbringing, she always dreamed about being a hero, she watched them on TV and always tried to write down everything she could about them. One day, she saw that an active villain attack was happening on the news, and in a lapse of judgement, she ran to the scene of the crime. When she got there, she saw a large monster covered in tentacles that was destroying a bank and taking all the money inside. She bolted past the police and demanded the giant monster stop what he was doing and turn himself in. The monster then grabbed her, and used her as a meat shield so the incoming heroes and the police wouldn’t attack it. Eventually, this was also broadcasted on TV, and her mother saw this. Her mother quickly made her way to the scene aswell, and demanded that the monster let her go and take her instead. It accepted the trade and as the monster let Morigan go, the police opened fire. When the monster died, it had fallen onto her mother and crushed her.

After this, her mother was rushed to the hospital, and in the next couple months, her father would run the family into debt as he tried everything he could to save his wife. In the end, she couldn’t be saved. This feeling of helplessness haunted Morigan for the majority of her life after this and forced her to be much more secluded and distant with everyone. But, this didn’t kill her dream to be a hero, this just made her much more dedicated, she began calculating everything she could about every hero she could learn about just so she could learn all their strengths to eventually use when she gets her powers and all of their weaknesses so she could avoid having a similar shortcoming as them. She wrote many things down as she theorized what her powers could possibly be when they eventually come, her parents had no powers, but she was determined that she would have them and save people.

During her time at school, she didn’t talk to anyone, and with her family being quite poor now due to the price they paid to try to keep her mother alive, she didn’t have many of the things the others did, which brought people to bully her. Everyday she went to school and gave it her all, and everyday she would be ridiculed by her classmates and beaten up after school finished.

Morigan Esmall

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