Dagon Chen (day-gone)


Age: 18

Height: 5’10

Hair: Black, spiked

Eyes: brown

Ethnicity: Asian

Build: toned middleweight

Other traits:bushy eyebrows, Strong jawline

Skilled martial artist


Dagon Chen: Dagon has spent the past 18 years of his life under the rules and regulations of his father Wei Chen. Dagon and his father run a Dojo in the eastern parts of low-sec. “A place where the defenceless can learn to defend themselves”. Because of his constant training Dagon has phenomenal fighting skill when it comes to martial arts and is never one to turn down a fight if one presents itself.

Rules: Dagon has a large amount of pride about his abillity as a fighter and follows a certain set of rules he has made for himself. 1) Always be an honorable fighter 2) Never decline a challange 3) Never be an aggressor, my skills are only for controled fights and defence.

Personallity: Dagon is against attending school as he sees it as a waste of time that detracts him from his training. He is also very indifferent with people who he doesn’t see as a worthwhile opponent. His stance on heroes and villians is drastically different from his fathers. Both of them see villiany as heinous and dishonorable but the difference is when it comes to hero work. Dagon lost his mother to the neglectful actions of a hero and ever since then Wei has resented the meer idea of heroism as is he now sees it as nothing but a farce that only focuses on fame and glory. He views them the same as villians. Dagon however secretly admires heros as he sees them as strong fighters who defeat villians to protect those who can’t fight so those people can become stronger and fight for themselves. Becuase he has spent all his time in a male only dojo with his father being his only close relation Dagon is incredibly afraid of girls no matter who they are. Since he has started school Dagon has been able to look more deeply into current hero work and wants to learn more about the registered heros of Century Station. This has lead him to be a very large fan of a popular heros blog.

Wei Chen: Wei and Meeanna lived happily together running a kickboxing dojo where Wei was the instructor and Meeanna would finance the facility. 10 years after they had married and ran the dojo together they had a child. They named him Dagon and raised him for 4 years until an attack near the dojo and the neglectful actions of a hero took Meeanna’s life. This lead Wei to become resentful to all heros and went from a light playful demeanor to being very strict and focused on his goal of training Dagon so he never has to worry about losing another family member. There has been a constant battle of conflict and respect between Dagon and his father but ultimately they care about eachother as much as any father and son would.

Dagon follows a strict routine of waking up at 6AM to eat breakfast and train for 2 hours before he goes to school. He walks to school as his dojo is rather close by and he will carry his GI and gloves with him at all times, no exceptions.

Dagon Chen (day-gone)

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