Century Station

The story so far

It began with rain; Rain against the paned windows of the classrooms and the polished, brushed metal of the sector 9 Low-Sec high school. Rain against the windbreakers, umbrellas, and finely combed hair of six students who’s lives were destined to cross in a myriad of minute and meaningful ways. The rain found second year student Patricia West as she walked from the classroom complex to the administration building in order to gather papers for one of her teachers. Her helpful sojourn was interrupted by the sounds of a young man being attacked in one of the administration building elevators. Without hesitation, Patricia sprung to action. The young man, a student, had been ambushed by delinquent Triad aspirants, and though the four thugs were armed with batons and knives, Patricia was successful in disarming and subduing two of them. She struggled with the thugs for only a few moments before another elevator arrived, and another student, fourth year Dean Howitzer, diesmbarked to provide assistance. It was his brother who was the target of the delinquents’ attack, and though his vigilance had brought the thugs’ presence to his attention, he was unable to reach his brother before the elevator doors hissed shut. Together with Dean, Patricia made short work of the rest of the thugs, and school admins and security drones werre called in shortly after. The four attackers were taken to the infirmary along with their victim and Patricia, who had herself sustained a serious knife wound during the altercation. Patricia was seen to by a school medical professional and the wound was healed, although she was urged to see a doctor at the local hospital for a more thurough examination. Dean’s brother was also driven to the hospital with fractured ribs and a severely bruised face.
Rain drove against the sides of the ambulance as Dean rode with his brother James to the hospital and saw him all the way to his bed. He was surprised to see his other brother Leon, an apprentice hero under his father Bombard. The two interacted tursely, and Dean left shortly after to return to school, but not before having a strange interaction with a myserious little girl. When he returned to a scene of more ambulances, these with their sirens left silent in respect for teh bodies they carried. Earlier that day, while Dean and Patricia were riding away from school, Vera Morin was attending her physical education course at the aquatic complex. Vera endured the usual teasing from her school bullies, but it seemed that today the harassment would send one girl to the breaking point. During diving practice, one member of Vera’s cadre of bullies did not resurface after she lept into the water. Veras attention was drawn to the water, and when she eased herself in she was almost sucked underwater by a powerful current. Screaming filled the aquatic complex as Vera clawed her way out of the water and back onto the pool deck. Her eyex fixed on the source of the screams, a girl who like her had been tormented by the same group of bullies. The girl appeared to be experiencing a violend manifestation of her mutagenic powers, as her screams seemed to controll the mass of water as it coiled and knotted into threatening shapes. Vera struggled with the girl, trying to talk her down from the legde, but the girl had already reached a grim resolution. In a flight of desperation, Vera threw herself and the girl into the water, and under the crushing weight of it at the bottom of the pool, Vera lost consciousness. She awakened in the hospital, unable to hear due to her injuries, but alive.
` The lifeless bodies in the ambulances that greeted Dean as he arrived back at school belonged to the girl Vera had been trying to save and one of the girls who had teased her; the one who had taken her dive and never reached the surface. Not knowing of the incredible event that had unfolded mere minutes after he and teh others had left. In truth, he was supposed to be in that physical educaton class that day. Dean went immediately to the library, intent on checking out Machiavelli’s The Prince for some comforting reading. There he found fellow students Rand Al Tesla and Alexander ___ who, braniac wunderkind that they were, has been excused from class and given problem sets as a formality. the two were interacting quietly when Dean arrived, and due to their sequesteration they had not heard of the events that took place in the aquatic center. The answer to Dean’s question came in the form of average student Marc Van der Zee, who arrived at the library to ask Rand for help on one of his assignments. It was from Marc that Rand, Alexander, and Dean all learned of the dramatic events of the morning. Having what he needed Dean left to check out his book and travel back to the hospital, his school day gutted already. Rand and Alexander went to one of the school labs to work on personal projects, and Marc returned to his normal school day.
It was here in Lab 2b that Rand and Alexander met another student, Morigan Esmall. The timid, softspoken girl was very interested in the events at the aquatic center. After penning the events Alexander regailed her with in her secret Metahuman blog, Morigan traveled to the hospital to interview Vera and find out the truth.

While making sure his brother was okay at the hospital, Dean also went to go see Vera to ask her about the events that occurred during their Physical Education class. Before he entered her room, Vera was waking up from last night’s sleep and noticed that the black haired girl whom had visited her before was in her room again. Vera asked the girl multiple questions but was unable to get the girl’s name before she left the room (blame the player ‘w’). Dean arrived as the girl left. As Vera and Dean were talking, the police arrived to have a discussion with Vera themselves. Dean excused himself from the room.

Outside of the hospital, Dean noticed Patricia who is heading home. He offerd her a ride, which Patricia accepted. As they sit in the back of the car, Dean thanked Patricia for helping out his brother James when he was being attacked by the gang members, but also questioned her motives for doing so. Dean asked Patricia how much his father was paying her for her alliance. Patricia gets creeped out and changed her mind about the ride, deciding to run home instead. At home, Patricia’s mother had already cleaned up the dinner table, so Patricia had a slice of cake with her dad.

The next morning, Dagon was requested by his father to meet him in his office. Dagon was not at school the day before and did not gather any information during his after-school club about what happened at school. His father on the other hand had more information, and informed Dagon that the Triads were probably involved at his school. He hands Dagon some gloves woven with some microchips and told him to be prepared at school today. Dagon accepted the gloves and headed to school.

Dean woke up and did his morning routine of reviewing the events of yesterday as well as reviewing footage of his room from the night before. Nothing particularly stood out except that his father had peered into his room sometime in the night before returning to his own business. In the living room, Dean noticed that a large assortment of guns and other weapons have been laid out. When questioned, Dean’s father replied that he was doing a seasonal cleaning of their artillery. Leon reminded Dean not to forget to pick up their younger brother when classes were done that day. He arrived around the same time as Patricia has finished running to the school.

Like the day before, this morning was no different for Rand. His parents being very busy working in their personal projects and business, Rand is greeted by a servant android and has his breakfast alone in his kitchen. He then headed for school in his car. Morigan was in her classroom, blogging about possible connections of the school events to Metas. Then she headed to Lab B.

Around noon, Vera gets final verification from the hospital doctor on her recovery. Her father had taken his lunch break to visit Vera and they have lunch together. Afterwards, Vera was given the okay to return to school. When she arrived on school grounds, it was around lunch time for the seniors and so she headed to the lunchroom. When greeted by a silence in the lunch hall, Dean greeted Vera at the door and offered she sit with him and a few of his friends to which she agreed to. At the table, Alex and Rand were having a discussion on Advanced Organic Chemistry. Vera was surprised that the two students were still in highschool, seeing as their topic of choice was something beyond high-school level material. Alex explains that he and some teachers were researching certain polymers in one of the labs. Across the room, Dagon accidentally gets apple juice on his school jacket.

The sound of loud engines revving approaches the school, and through the glass windows, the entire cafeteria is surrounded by gang members on motorcycles. One of the men shouts that they are looking for Patricia. The gang broke through the glass and students in the cafeteria run towards the exits of the lunchroom. Rand first took Alex out of the cafeteria. After them was Vera, who pulled the fire alarm. Dean and Patricia left lastly followed by Dagon. The group headed for the first lab they find, and Vera spots Morigan in the room with her laptop. Dean explains to Morigan the situation while Patricia headed for the lab next door to lock it down for the proffessor occupying it.

Dean gets super irked that the desktop background Morigan had was of his father.

It hurts his heart.

After a while, the lab rooms started to get very hot and Patricia was able to pull herself and the proffessor away from his equipment when she noticed the glass on the table was starting to break. The heat must have caused a unstable reaction from the substance in the beakers and caused an explosion which knocks out everyone in the lab.

Patricia, Morigan, Dean, Rand, Dagon, and Vera wake up with none of their equipment or clothing in a large dark room. Morigan was the first to wake and felt very uncomfortable, not from being nude, but from something else. Most of the group covered themselves with the thin sheet that had covered them, but when Morigan refused to do so, Vera tried to cover the shorter girl with her frame. Morigan then screamed as she noticed Vera’s jaw had opened farther than it should and had more teeth then a human would have. Dagon noticed eventually that there was something with his eyes, being more elliptical for irises than the circular ones that humans had, and Dean seemed to have broadened shoulders.

They noticed that Alex was with them as well, and Dean carried him on his back as there was no wheelchair in the vicinity. They walk down a very dark hall and find a nurse’s office. The floor was covered in dust, indicating that where they were place has been long abandoned. In the office, the group finds old vacuum sealed scrubs which they all wear save Morigan. Morigan could not seem to wear any clothes as everything seemed to hurt her when she put it on. So she walked naked with the rest of the group. They head to a T-section down the hall and see an elevator. Dean found an extended morgue on the left side of the T-section, and Rand concluded that they were in a facility that was possibly once in space, as there were types of equipment attached to the walls that would be useless anywhere else. On the right side, there existed a large bulky door that when Patricia opened, showed the group to be on the walls of the city they live in, thousands of feet up. Deciding not to take the ladder down, the group tries the elevator.

The elevator sounded old and halfway through heading to the ground floor, the cable snaps and the elevator starts to plummet. While they were falling, Rand suddenly vanished from the compartment, and as Vera gripped onto the sides of the elevator, metal spikes pull and move from the walls and slows the elevator to a halt. On the top of the elevator, Rand reappears into existence. The elevator was opened 3/4’s to a room, which the group enters. and they find a simliar layout to the previous hall where one of the doors led to the outside and a ladder. while they were slightly closer to the ground, it was still too far and so they look at the next elevator on the other side of the room. The elevator seemed safe enough when it opened until a group of ghastly hands. The group runs from the elevator towards the open door down the wall. As they do so, [redacted].

The group arrives at the bottom of the wall and Morigan now wears clothes. Rand had figured out that he could channel himself through metal, and tried to enter a nearby powerline, only to be pushed out by a voice. They find a warehouse with archiac gas based vehicles. While Rand and Alex are fixing up the vehicles and looking for fuel, Morigan turns a computer on and someone speaks to her through the computer. She discovers it to be motherboard, whom was asking her certain questions that were making Patricia uncomfortable and the latter pulls the plug on the computer. After a day or so, Rand and Alex have gotten the oil based vehicles to start working again. Rand drove in one car with Morigan and Patricia, while Vera drove in the other with the help of Alex telling her how to operate it. Dean and Dagon sat in the back. Dagon noticed that the car was moving a lot slower than the meter said it was, though he wasn’t sure how. After some testing in the car, he realizes that he could see the potential energy of objects around him.

The group arrives in town after a few hours of driving. Rand, Morigan, and Patricia first head to Rand’s home while the group in the other car head to Dean’s. On entering their homes, they find their familes dead. Thinking this was some sort of test from the beginning, Dean decides that he didn’t want to do this test anymore as he tries to put a bullet through his head. Upon firing, Dean realized that something had swallowed the bullet. The rest of the group headed to their individual homes to find their familes dead as well. Dean also noticed that in his home, there was a note left, indicating that while his father and older brother were dead, his younger brother James was still alive.

After the events of the day the group were tired and hungry but they needed to leave the city.
After coming to grips with the reality of their situation they. The group had been split so the first course of action
was to meet up and escape the city. Morigan and Rand were at his home When Rand decides to invetigate to look for his father.
Rand finds his way to the basement where he find the power suit of no another than the hero Lexicon. Unfortunatly it seemed
to be riddled with holes and inside was Rand’s father, Dying. He then spent The while trying to maintain the power to the
suits life support to keep his father alive.

During all of this Morigan was upstairs washing blood off of herself and she manages to find some of the old clothes of Rand’s mother.
These seem to work perfectly with her current condition as they are of a very high thread count.
Morigan eventually heads towards the basement and begins to help Rand.

Meanwhile Dean and the others are preparing to go and get Morigan and Rand. Patricia begins head towards her home. This
is when her powers awaken as she is almost caught by the police. Once patricia arrives back a Deans house she discovers the
range of her powers and managed to locate the warehouse they discovered when they escaped the wall. Patricia used the portal
pass supplies over to the warehouse. The group then got ready to head to rand’s house to pick up rand and morigan and escape the city.

Rand and morgian during all of this are trying to keep rand’s father in a stable condition as well as search his labratory for
any evidence as to what caused the attack and someone who might help. They uncover a few notes with initals and phone numbers
on them. The first number they decide to call leads them to the vigilante hellcat. She informs them that she will be in contact
with them shortly and for them to just avoided detection for now.

This is about the time the other’s arrive to take rand and morigan out of the city. After some catching up and explaining the
details of their situation they all decide to leave city to the warehouse. They manage to reach the warehouse without being caught
by the authorities. Once they reach the warehouse they all take some time to cool off and mourne the death’s of their parents.

After sometime they all decide to understand what they are going to do next and came to the conclusion that they should set
up the warehouses as a base of operations and look for supplies. Together the group set up a plumbing system. repaired some cars
managed to form some semblance of a normal life.

After this they decided to take some time to get to know each other. Full names, Skill and talents, common interests.
This however did not end well as the party discovered that Deans father was in fact the hero Bombard. Now knowing that
her favorite hero was dead Morigan went into a mental breakdown. Dagon took this as a personal insult as he saw it as
a moment of weakness and devaluing the trauma the group had gone through. As tensions rose, Dean has managed to calm morigan
down and as he embraced her in a hug she managed to get a hold of one of his guns and shoot herself in the head.

there was a moment of awe as morigans lifeless body layed on the floor. After a brief moment of shock Morigan’s head began to
stitch itself back together. Once it was over she was perfectly fine and unharmed. Vera and patricia took morigan and got her
cleaned her up and got her a change of clothes.

A few days had passed. Dagon decided to try and teach vera and morigan a few things about self defence while Dean and patricia
decided to go and get a few of alexes things so Patricia created a long range portal back to alxes house and grabed some of his things.
As time passed the group discovered alex was a very talented pianist. Patricia took interest in this and alex bagan teaching her how to play
the piano.

Dean and Rand drove out into the concrete desert and called Owl Man
They told him about everything that had happened and he advised we try contacting the mutant underground
The group raided the empty Praying Mantis PMC building
The building’s automated self destruct set in
The group took a hecka rad helicopter out, escaping the blast
Arbiter showed up and was a massive cuck
Crabfriend showed up and saved everyone because he is a lovely boy
The mutant underground healed and fed the group and asked Vera if she’d like to stay
Our sour boy Alex had to stay behind ‘cause he’s Chernobyl
The group headed out to stop Praying Mantis from bein’ some real dicks and bombing the city
Owl Man told us that there were bombs at all 4 corners of the city
Owl Man and Hellcat were already on the way to 1 corner each so the group called Polaris and he just kinda dicked all over one corner while the group went to their own
When they got there, the group snuck up and saw some guards standing by
Dagon is shit at stealth, never take him on a stealth mission again
Sonar came out after losing the signal from the guy Patricia dropped
Sonar heard Dean and Rand talking and the fight started
Dean fucked up Sonar and Patricia then made sure she didn’t die
I guess there were shit boys too, but they were shit. Get wrecked shit boys
Anomaly came out and spooked the fuck out of everybody
Spooky man turned into spooky monster
Spooky monster fucked up Vera
Rand and Dagon bombed the spooky monster harder than Japan
Spooky monster.exe exploded
[New Challenger Noise]
Element has joined the battle!

We opened up with us facing off against Element. He and Dean talked back and forth with him trying to get us to leave, but when we refused he sent his crystal goon on us after telling us to keep healing Sonar. Between Rand, Vera, and Dagon we killed him before he suffocated Vera with his crystal powers. Rand went to the control panel and tried to hack the Cargo crate to stop it from moving towards the city, but failed thrice and was locked out. As the rest of the party started to catch up Rand jumped to the container and tried to identify how to stop it as it started moving forward. Rand sadly got caught in a tesla coil in one of the anti-grav propulsion units and was out of commission for the majority of the next few scenes.

Element returned with a vengence, threatening to deal serious damage to anyone he was near with each attack. Using his shadow step powers, he almost had Dean in his clutches, with only Dean’s quick reactions born of his training with his father and an interference from Sonar saving the day. As Dagon grappled Element and tried to use an anti-power grenade, Element slipped past our heroes in a desperate shadow step. Shaken, Patricia and Dean tried to find another control panel to the cargo container after Vera destroyed the panel Rand had failed on. Morigan found out from Sonar that there was a main control panel farther back in the facility. Patricia tried to run through the container with her super speed and portals, but decided she couldn’t find the bombs in time and rejoined with the party.

With Morigan and Dean carrying the amputated Sonar, the party found Alex of all people in the hidden control room. Questioning why he was here, Alex revealed to the party his involvement with everything; Our parents deaths, our framing for the murder, his plan to destroy Low-Sec for the Mutant Underground, his gifting of our powers. Alex was behind all of our tragedy up to this point. Dagon flew at him, blinded by rage, but was burned up and almost died from his power, the ability to control radiation. The entire room was too hot even for Morigan to enter with her healing factor. After trying to reason and come to terms with this betrayal, the party attempted to stop his, with Patricia and Vera working together to wrap a metal shell around an anti-power grenade and then dropping it next to alex along with a few other grenades with a portal. Sadly, Alex lost the ability to survive in the superheated room he had created, and perished in front of a shaken party.

Rand had recovered by the time Alex had been revealed as the mastermind of the parties nightmarish life the past three weeks, but chose to disable the shipping container rather than confronting his foster brother. He disabled two engines of the ten before Element appeared on the next anti-grav unit over. Throwing the dead body of Owlman at Rand’s feet, Element told him to get lost or die. Rand looked at Owlman’s body, looked and Element, waited, then jumped off shooting lightning not at Element, but at the cargo container instead, blowing up the container and catching Element and himself at ground zero of the blast.

The party is knocked down by the force of the explosion, and eventually conclude that Rand destroyed the container before it reached populated areas. Calling Hell Cat, they are eventually picked up and flown to her tower in Low-Sec, where they rest and come to terms with the deaths of two of their friends. Vera and Morigan get into an arguement where Vera confronts Morigan about valuing other people’s lives over theirs, and the two eventually come to an understanding that they have differing opinions when it comes to both redemption and the use of lethal force. Hell Cat gives Dean the number to Chimera to work on our innocence, and Dagon heals from his brush with death.

Buried in rubble and wracked with pain, Rand opens his eyes in a rain filled crater.

At the beginning of session, we all wake up one by one. Dagon wakes up first and walks around while examining his burns and damages body, he then begins meditating. Morigan is woken up by a nightmare about her and Vera becoming villains, in which she is confronted by Alex who tells her he is glad that she decided to join him after all. Morigan then wakes up and screams, which wakes Dean up and grabs Hellcat’s attention briefly. Dean comforts Morigan about her nightmare slightly, then everyone else wakes up. Patricia begins making breakfast for everyone, Vera and Morigan brush their teeth and talk.
After a while, Dean gets a number for Maxwell, a member of Chimera, from Hellcat. Chimera being a group who wishes to help us as they believe our group is innocent and then sends them video evidence of Alex admitting to framing us all. They message him back shortly after saying they will need more evidence than a video of a dead boi admitting guilt to a crime that implicates a popular organization (Mantis). Dean then realizes a testimony from Sonar would probably do it and over the chat of breakfast, convinces Sonar to testify. Hellcat then shows us that the hospital Dean’s brother was at is still there after the blast from the previous session wiped out the surrounding area around it. Dean decides we need to go there and the group agrees, so Patricia goes to our previous base and discovers Rand is there, alive and well.
Rand had been communicating with Motherboard, who has now made him stronger. Morigan and Dean are suspicious of this, but don’t say anything about it as they are just happy he is alive. They then decide to split up and head to the hospital, Patricia and Rand heading there from our warehouse, the rest of the party going there from Hellcat’s apartment. On the way to the meetup location, Rand takes a quick detour and visits Polarys’ junkyard. He then promises Polarys that he will continue a deal that Polarys had with his father. After this is done, he heads to the meetup location.
Morigan, Dean, Vera and Dagon arrive first and are greeted by an army of Shock soldiers, a well known anti-meta organization, guarding off the blast area. Morigan and Dean go and talk to them, pretending to be brother and sister who have parents on the other side of the wall, they don’t let them through, but they give them valuable information. They then bring this information to Vera and Dagon who as a group, begins to plan a way in.
Patricia arrives on the scene and is greeted by a couple of nice happy bullets that negate her powers and knock her the fuck out. The shots that put Patricia on the ground then alert the other half of the party who had been planing. They then sneak over until they spot Patricia, who is now in a net being carried by the army of racists. The party agrees with Morigan’s idea (holy fuck, it happened), and she walks up and pretends to be a scared little girl who can’t find her brother. After a while, someone becomes suspicious of her so she takes control of him and gets him to give her his helmet as Dean kills one and Dagon pulls out his sword.
As the sword comes out, the bodies drop, Dagon becomes stronger and more vicious as he carves through them, Rand disables the tank by electrocuting the drivers and Dean continues sniping the people. Vera grabs Patricia and brings her away from the fight, she shields Patricia from a grenade’s blast and her clothes are destroyed in the process. In the end of the fight, only two of the Shock troopers remained, the one Morigan controlled, and one that had been on the ground. Dagon slaughters the unarmed one who was on the ground and Morigan then commands Dagon to stop. She then forces Dagon to throw the sword away and Patricia teleports the sword to Hellcat and Sonar. Morigan then forces the remaining trooper to give the party all of his permission cards and access codes and then forces him to forget all of this. After this is done, we notice the sword has returned to Dagon.
The party all get into the tank and head for the hospital, they slip through the Shock checkpoints disguising as members of Shock and make it to the hospital quite easily. We walk in, Dagon shows his spooky mask move, which Morigan and Vera aren’t fans of and try to run from him. They then get into the fucking elevator which becomes a more fun ride as the spooky little shit Morigan, Vera and Dean saw in the first session shows up. She then makes us discuss the definition of the word “friend” and what friendship truly means. A lot of emotions are shared and each person gives her a definition.
(Dagon : “Dagon saw 6 hexagonal stone stumps. The first stump shot out a beam of light to the stump to it’s left. that stump did the same to the one on IT’S left. once all of the stumps were lit, they began rising from the ground and then stopped. They then began shooting out beams of light to the second pillar of their left. and again they rose. This continued until all the pillars are shooting 5 beams of light to each other pillar. Then they continued to rise until they grew into monoliths.”

Dean : “A 5th-dimensional chess game, pieces moving, twisting, and orchestrating moves and gambits with lines appearing and disappearing between them moment by moment. Beneath this matrix of machination a slumbering human form can be seen. The player of this grand game does not appear to be awake.”

Morigan : “For Morigan, it’s just a collage of her time with this group, her father and that’s about it. The definition is basically just people she admires and would defend with her life.”

Vera : “Vera thought about how friends were people who came to see you when you were okay, like when Dean went to visit Vera at the hospital or when Dagon and Rand helped Vera get up after being grabbed by Zirconia. A friend’s life was important to you, and the loss of a friend hurts you, like when Morigan killed herself and that rush of relief one would get when they see someone they care about is okay. You also are willing to put your life on the line to help them. Vera was willing to take two grenades to protect Patricia who was unconscious, but she would have done it for any of her other friends if they were in the same spot. Even if friends have some arguments, they are willing to let some things go because some small disagreements can’t pull you apart that easily.”

Rand : Waiting…

Patricia : “First there was a playback of the fight with the thugs in the elevator. After that was the scene as James was rushed to the hospital. Next was the group evacuating the students from the cafeteria. The following one was of the group talking about the team name. After was them eating breakfast. Then it was Alex teaching her how to play piano. Second to last was the entire fight with Alex. And then the very last scene was Melissa (Patricia’s best friend) crying.”)
Each party member is then questioned about their hand in the death of Alex, it is revealed that Dagon truly thought Alex needed to die, Morigan defined him as a monster because she had to to protect herself and her sanity but she regrets his death, and Dean, Vera and Patricia all seemed to agree with the idea that he wasn’t a monster and didn’t deserve to die. The little girl then tells the party where James is, what is happening with him and warns us about the other test children and the person in charge who happens to be part of the romanovs.
We exit the elevator and explore for a bit, we then come into contact with a boi who seemingly could control darkness and when he stopped skipping, the entire ground shook. The party made the educated guess that we shouldn’t fuck with him, and ran up like 40 floors of stairs until we made it to the room that the bodies of all the children were in, including our friend 3 from the elevator. We decide to inject them all with something so they would be asleep and so they wouldn’t mess with us during the next part (Saving James) and we also decided we would wait to grab the body of our friend 3 as she is keeping the radiation from the outside out of the hospital and if we took her now, we would have to deal with the radiation on top of carrying James out of the place.
Once we go upstairs, we find James, but we also find a spooky fucker who almost kills the majority of the party just by looking at us. We decide to grab James, run from the spooky fucker, grab 3, then portal to the tank and drive the fuck away. As we escape, the hospital collapses onto itself and we see the spirits of the children fade away.

We begin our story returning to our Boxcar Children-esque warehouse with James and Sarasa (Third) in tow after escaping the Romanov Hospital. Most of the group is severely wounded. Dean shares a touching moment tucking James into a cot before we extract the pod Sarasa is in. Not knowing how to cure either of them, the party turns to Morigan, who checks her blog and finds hundreds of millions of views on it. Asking her viewers if they can contact Terminal, the rouge doctor, The party gets her contact information and agree to pay her if she can help. She arrives and heals most of the party, as well as James. She also teaches Morigan how to use her powers, and informs us about Sarasa’s latent healing powers. She gives us a 50k credit bill before leaving.

We move over to Hell Cat’s apartment temporarily to make contact with Chimera for our appointment, and to let Dagon ask what happened with the sword that teleported back to his side. James and Sarasa are left at the warehouse for safety, and Sarasa promises to try and protect us. The party takes the van Hell Cat lent us to drive ourselves and Sonar to Mid-Sec, where we get in using the codes Chimera gave us. Mid-Sec is revealed as a marvelous city-scape built downwards, with greenery and fresh air and an artificial sun. Arriving at Chimera HQ after being escorted by Brilliant, we are greeted by Lexicon, Durandal, Iron Lotus, and Silver Streak, who all gathered to welcome us after saving the city. We exchange pleasantries before being called up to the leader of Chimera’s office, the mysterious Maxwell.

Maxwell ends up being a psionic cat who we literally have no defense against atm, but luckily for us, he’s on our side. Between Dean’s footage of Alex’s confession and Sonar’s testimony, as well as mind reading to detect lies, Maxwell is convinced we have enough evidence to prove ourselves innocent. We are offered Mid-Sec citizenship as well as Hero licenses if we can find sponsors. We all accept the citizenship, though Rand is mentally warned about Motherboard. We descend back to the Watch Heroes, and then are escorted to our new apartments. The party spends a good portion of their time decorating, cooking, and adjusting to their new lives for the next 24 hours. Also, Dean and Sonar become an item after she gets drunk and told no sexy times until she sobers up.

Later that night during the announcement of our innocence on the tv, the mutant underground hijacks the show, declaring they were taking over the abandoned sector, with no survivors. They also were declaring war on both Mid and Low-Sec. The party was split on what to do with them, with the bleeding hearts talking like they were dealing with people, and the realists trying to decide what caliber slug they needed for this mad dog.

The next morning Rand is confronted in his room by Morigan after going out early in the morning to build welding, machining, and construction equipment. She confronts him on his involvement with Motherboard, and asks why he won’t tell the party. Rand dodges some of the questioning by telling her his plans for retaking the Earth, which he hopes she puts the pieces together by understanding the risks of doing something like that without securing the allegiance of a cyber deity. Rand also disparages Sonar, refuses to name her, and upsets Morigan before suggesting she get her stutter fixed by attending discreet therapy sessions. Morigan leaves the conversation highly suspicious of Rand and threatening to tell the party if she thinks he’s putting them in danger, but she almost completely switches track when she sees Dagon with his sword drawn, prompting her to force him to drop the sword with her mind and getting into a yelling match between the two of them. Dagon had spent the entire night meditating in his locked room with the sword.

Later that morning, The party gets ready to go to Chimera to become sponsored heroes, with Dean wanting to ask how setting up a PMC would work out with him being a hero. Morigan comes out of her room looking fine af and makes everyone’s heart (and other parts) jump except Sonar, who becomes so 24 made at Dean for looking at a 15 year old thot like that. After a tense car ride over to Chimera HQ, Maxwell send us on our first official mission; to clear out the Mid-Sec Mantis PMC HQ, so that we might renovate it for our own use if we want. We accept and fly out to the base.

Said HQ is actually on top of a floating island over the warehouse district. We park the hover car at the entrance and leave Sonar as our warning and guard for the front. Sneaking into the base, Morigan dropped through one of Patricia’s Portals and Mind Controlled an asshole scientist who she then forced to show his inventions under the guise of friendship. He unveiled “Project Janisarry” which was five 12 foot tall giant men who were able to be controlled. There was also a subject 0, who was used for dna samples. Unveiling these men causes a self-destruct button to activate. We get out after leaving the subject behind at first, but the self-destruct sequence takes out the anti-grav units instead of the base, causing the island to fall.

Dagon decides to be a boss and both him and Morigan almost die slowing the Island’s kinetic force and healing Dagon respectively. Rand becomes a Tesla Coil in between the anti-grav units to expand the magnetic field of the island so that Vera could slow its speed yet again. Patricia manages to force Subject 0 out of the lab using portals, while Dean and Sonar land the vehicle near-by, ready to help with relief efforts. Thanks to the efforts of Vera and Dagon, the Island lands without destroying everything within a mile of it’s impact. Before major relief efforts can go underway, Element shows himself for a second time and kidnaps Sonar. Dean alerts everyone while in pursuit, and found Sonar screaming into Element’s face, forcing him to release her. Rand rocketed into pursuit, and after three bolts of lightning, finally murdered Element for good (Until the Creator brings him back for the finale).

Back at the apartment, the party questions subject 0, who reveals herself to be Alt-Era, the alien conqueror who was defeated 300 years ago by the colony drop. She swears a life-debt to us, and gropes Morigan. Dean allows Sonar to give him a haircut in a touching moment that reset the tension from the boner he popped at Morigan earlier. Rand and Alt-Era discuss colonies and drinking to end the session.

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