Known Villains


While this persona has not been proven to exist, the name has appeared hundreds of times in Cyber crime all across Century Station. It is believed that this hacker is the best to have ever lived.


A mechanical being that claims to have ascended to godhood. This being has only been seen once before and took the top ten heroes of the time to defeat. Before suffering destruction Finis vowed to return once the time was right.


A being that accompanied Finis during it’s Rampage.


A scientist gone rogue after funding was pulled from his lab. Due to the lack of funding, radiation leaked from the reactor located there. No one but Proton survived due to his meta strain.

Papa Zombie

Not much is known about this man. His legions of undead aren’t talking either. He has been seen fighting fist to sword with Durandal and has never been caught. It is said he himself is dead, but this has not been proven.

Lady Hive

Daughter of one time hero “Monarch”, lady hive is everything her mother was not. She is heartless, violent and murderous.


A living embodiment of the planet’s anger at humanity for the destruction of the surface.


Former PMC commander, Shakedown manifested his powers during a low sec scouting mission and was AWOL for two years. After that he resurfaced and began his reign of crime.


If you were to take the worst villain of any western movie and make a man out of him, you would have Salvo. Fancies himself a cowboy and gunslinger, always armed and dangerous.


The result of a terrible experiment, killzone has the ability to copy any matter he touches and strike with amazing power.

The Creator

This strange being and leader of the new cult “Halcyon” has the medical know how to grant powers. Not many survive the process, however those that do emerge changed forever.

Dead Head

A violent man before his meeting with the creator, a monster afterwards. Nothing gives this man more pleasure than inflicting pain. This is only made worse by his sarcasm and being chatty in fights.


You will never fight a single member of this group. They always travel in numbers. Not much else is known.

Scream Queen

Rebel, fighter, criminal, musician. Scream queen has been putting on metal shows inbetween robbing banks. Sometimes she does both at the same time. She cares nothing for the law and lives only for freedom and music. It’s rumored that her groupies never come back for another show.


A terrible master of eldritch mysticism, Geist exists as a wound, blooming the vestiture of magic’s more noble practitioners with the crimson stain of his wretched misdeeds. Fortunately for all, this twisted criminal is behind bars thanks to tireless efforts from Bombard and other top heroes, but not before the completion of one final, bloody rampage.

Yao Guai

Not much is known of this towering beast exclusively seen in the company of Geist. His brute strength and durability are horrifying enough to satisfy most inquiry, as is his gruesome practice of devouring fallen foes and manifesting their powers. Thankfully the latter power has not been witnessed on more than a few isolated occasions, and more thankfully still the creature is behind bars.

Daddy Longlegs



Originally a machine worker, Polaris realized he could control the metal with his mind.




This creature can no longer be called human. She devours everything in sight. Organic and inorganic. She has been confirmed killed numerous times but always returns. As she eats she grows more powerful.


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The Crone

This strange creature is behind bars after a murderous rampage in mid sec. For more information please contact Gramercy Island Prison.


Sometimes ignored or ridiculed, this thief has never been caught and has figured a way into and out of mid sec and low sec without detection.

The Commander

While society is content with maintaining itself and not many question the government in place there are those that would fight. The Commander started a revolution and has a private army. It is said that he will lead them and become the Commander to surpass even Wasp and Chimera.

Known Villains

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