Currently Registered Heroes


The most well known hero of Century Station. He has put more villains behind bars, and saved more lives than any other hero to date. His powers are too numerous to count but he always seems to have what he needs.


Known as the Magic equivalent of Apex, Haven hits as hard and is just as driven as Apex but more equipped to handle certain foes.


Life as a police officer and test pilot for the Century Station PD kept Spartacus was a good life. However while mentally diving into a machine villains destroyed his real body. He now is a sentient robot crime fighter and one of the best.

Alpha Prime

A pure energy being from outer space, Alpha Prime is actually a police officer for the universe. Earth is part of her jurisdiction. Her reason for coming to earth has been lost, but here she remains. Protecting the planet and dealing with any Alien life forms that arrive.


Whiz Kid

Graduating with 6 degrees by 13 years old Whiz kid has easily earned her name. While she did crime fight most of the time, she has moved to a more stationary position with Chimera in the R and D department.


A new crime fighter, not much is known about this man. It is said that he has never taken a hit, and never fired a shot, and never failed a mission.


The unbending sword and unshakable confidence. Durandal is the paragon of justice. He is one of the oldest heroes known. His crime fighting was first recorded some 100 years ago.

Iron Lotus

As beautiful as she is deadly, it is said that she is over 300 years old. She may be one of the only people from before the war left. However she never speaks of this.


A test subject in a terrible water purification experiment, Leviathan was granted power over water and wildlife.

Sector Squad

The Sector Squad was created by Chimera for intense training and deployment. Not much is known about the people that make up the squad. Their identities are kept secret.

The Valkyries

Dubbed by some as the bad girls of Century Station, this all female superhero team is the most powerful and widely recognized of the unsanctioned vigilantes working in the city. They have repeatedly turned down offers from Chimera to join their ranks.

Kinvcave the Fighting Parrot



Sometimes referred to as the girl next door, Olympic has always been a close to home crime fighter. Often seen fighting crime with a smile, she always answers the call to arms. Her name refers to the fact that she herself has no major super powers, only extraordinary physical abilities.


Bombard was one of the greatest heroes of the previous generation. Strong, hard, powerful, accurate. In his early days it was not uncommon to see him fighting side by side with Owl man, or Durandal. However recently his sightings have almost completely stopped. The most recent sighting was 3 years ago after the Monday Massacre. The bottom picture was taken by a reporter on scene.


A small time singer for local events she discovered that her voice could enchant anyone that heard it. Soon after she began hero work after her gigs were consistently crashed by villains. Specifically the villain Scream Queen. These two have a rivalry some like to call “Battle of the Bands”.

Light Investigations

Lewis Lanway and Alice Lanway. A father daughter duo both with previous detective experience. They decided to open a PI office and do what they do best. He has over 30 years on the force and she 16.


Easily considered one of the most powerful metas ever born. She has super strength, speed, and most impressively, she can create plasma and particle blasts powerful enough to injure even Finis. Always there with a smile a wave and and another crime stopped.


A newly formed heroes group that recently cleared their names of the crimes committed by the villain Chernobyl. This group is responsible for saving the lives of over one hundred million people. Officially sanctioned by CHIMERA. Psyche, Tesla, Potential, Armistice, Alloy and The Traveler. Currently called the saviors of low sec, no comic is released about their true story.






The Traveler

Currently Registered Heroes

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