Citizen Levels

Citizenship levels are categories that help Century Station keep order and allow for people to move in a non-lateral way through society. Special privilege licences are provided for those that earn or require them for either employment or habitat.

Level 1

Level one citizenship means you are a citizen of Century station and have access to both industrial and domestic areas of Low Sec. Temporary access to Mid Sec and other areas are available through your employer or local sector office.

Level 2

Level two citizenship allows for movement through all areas of Low Sec and the majority of Mid Sec. Special privileges are available through your local government office.

Level 3

Level three citizenship is for members of organizations that require additional privileges without moving through official channels at all times. This level also allows for personal firearms to be owned and carried. People with this level of citizenship receive immunity to most common laws and are subject to direct council oversight.


This licence allows non-citizens from other worlds the option to live for a limited amount of time. These are required if you are not an earth born creature. These licences are under the direct oversight of Alpha Prime.


No information is available for this level.


A special licence used by anyone associated with a Private Military Company. This license allows for travel between the sectors freely, as well as the ability to carry firearms and military grade hardware.


Hero licences are granted to those few who take the mantel of hero. Overseen currently by Chimera, the hero licence allows for all hero equipment to be carried, immunity to most laws, and high priority medical treatment. These individuals are also supported by state and private insurance companies.

Citizen Levels

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