Ice Coffin

Name: ??
Age: 23
Powers: Manipulate Temperatures to absolute zero.

Usually just called Coffin due to the high body count left behind by this unregistered meta. She has a fan comic run on her. She was placed on the wanted list after her first girlfriend was killed by her powers awakening. A year later she reappeared and began her work taking down villains in her area to zero.

The Babe

Once a renowned hero registered with Chimera, after bloody Monday she officially left hero work. It is said that she was mind controlled and was responsible for the complete destruction of sector 12. It is believed that she still maintains a small level of hero work in low sec as sonic booms have been reported in the area. Her comic ran for 53 issues. There is a variant cover of the last issue with her on her knees in front of a a sector with the buildings as tombstones covered in blood.

Before the incident it was said she was always cheerful and full of life or a joke. Her signature running smile was used by various companies and schools as advertisement.


To be a hero is to put yourself in danger. Many heroes cannot afford the expensive care that is required for the job. That is where Terminal comes in. She has 6 PhDs officially and 50 years of experience(This is a claim based on when she began her work). She does not appear to age. No matter the reasons she will treat anyone and everyone. Heroes and villains alike.




Man or Machine? Fans of his comics argue over this like the latest cliffhanger from a well known show. His abilities include telekinesis and some form of time manipulation. It isn’t exactly spelled out in his comics, which have no known author. The comics are randomly released and found on the web. The reason he is called Armada is due to the heavy firearms he has floating around him.


Known for her brutal methods, often leaving villains hanging upside down or just in a miserable position.


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