Patricia West


Name: Patricia West

Age: 16

Height: 5’ 4"

Weight: 100 lbs

Build: Lean Muscles

Skin: Slightly Tanned

Hair: Brown and short with choppy layers.

Eyes: Brown

Personality: Usually a very friendly girl. Often offers help to anyone she sees in need. Does not tolerate bullying.


Patricia West is mostly an average girl when it comes down to social standing. She lives in moderately sized home with her parents and, though they live in the low sector, haven’t really had to struggle. Her social abilities are about the same. She doesn’t really have a way with words, but she’s done a good job of not embarrassing herself at least. One thing anyone paying attention to her notices is that she’s always lending a helping hand. Whether it’s collecting someone’s things after they trip, carrying things for teachers, or just listening to someone who needs to vent she’s always happy to help. Her physical abilities are much better. Trish’s body is honed for precision and endurance. When she was young she looked up to a small time hero that came from the low sector. She had super speed, enhanced vision, and extraordinary strength. With three powers, even with only one being on a major level, that go together so well some people might get cocky and try to be huge. Not her idol though. Olympic was a true hero. She would leave the big guys for the other heroes to fight. Meanwhile she would run around behind the scenes getting each and every person she could to safety. She never got the recognition for taking down the big villains but he saved uncountable lives. Trish wanted to be just like him. She would spend hours running as fast as she could. She went a long time training herself. She even joined her middle school’s track team.
That’s where she really hit a roadblock. She was a little above average in terms of speed but nothing very impressive. She wasn’t getting faster either. For a while she was devastated. She was a middle school girl who just learned that she’d hit her limit. No matter how she tried she wouldn’t be able to keep up. Eventually her parents talked her into a different route. “So what if the other girls can go a little fast? Just ‘cause you get somewhere quick doesn’t mean you’re done. What about when you need to keep going?” they said. They had her try out cross country instead. That was the greatest gift Trish thought her parents could’ve ever given her at the time. After doing nothing but running for so long her body was so accustomed that she barely broke a sweat during the try outs. She’s still part of the team in her second year of highschool now. That’s not the only thing that’s stayed the same though. Trish hasn’t developed nearly as well as other girls. This combined with her masculine fashion sense have made her the butt of more than a few jokes and awkward situations. Nothing a good run can’t fix for her, but she is also not very tolerant of anyone bullying others. When she sees someone getting picked on she can’t help but intervene. She’s gotten sent home a couple times when the interactions turned violent after all she nice, not a pushover. Because of all this she’s made quite a few friends and a number of enemies as well. Now she’s just waiting on a chance to follow in her idol’s footsteps.

Patricia West

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