Dean Howitzer


Second Son of Morton “Bombard” Howitzer and deceased hero Sarah “Shadira: Lady of Shadow,” Zhou, Dean was raised in seclusion with his siblings under the watchful eye of their father. He currently attends school in Low Sec, presumably the next step in his training process.

Born AD: 2481 (Age 18)
Race: Mixed (Chinese – Caucasian)
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 215 lbs (97.5 Kgs)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


Leon Howitzer, Dean’s older brother, currently works with his father as an Apprentice Hero. [DECEASED]

Hannah Howitzer, Dean’s older sister, has not been seen with the family in five years. There is speculation that Hannah has left the family to train as a hero, but her father’s tight leash on the children for the majority of their lives speaks in opposition.

James Howitzer, the youngest of the children, has also been seen traveling to and from the same Low Sec school that Dean Attends, though he has remained unavailable to answer any questions. [MISSING]

Dean Howitzer

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